Who We Are

Community Partnerships, A Dedicated Volunteer Board + Project Coordinator Extraordinaire!


We are a group people who know the importance of a good story.

Stories can promote peace, create connection and inspire a lifetime.



Through storytelling, we share lived experiences with diversabilities and aim to build a community where all voices can be heard.


Lindsay Lorraine is the project coordinator for the In Common Storytelling Society of British Columbia. Previously Lindsay worked in animation production where she enjoyed collaborating with artists and directors and learned the importance of a good story. Lindsay loves collaborating, sharing stories, and finding creative solutions to make great things!


Board of Directors

Lisa Joy Trick (president) hails from the vibrant coastal city of Vancouver, Canada, and currently works at the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion where she uses technology to shape social change and create a more inclusive culture. Previously, she was an art director of a small design studio where she focused on branding, web design and information architecture. She finds inspiration in culture, trends, new media and business innovation and looks forward to collaborating with others to make the world a better place.

Shelley Nessman (vice-president), from Spectrum Society has a passion for supporting people to discover and nurture their gifts and to share them with a waiting world. Shelley respects the diverse abilities of all people, that everyone has something of value to share and that our world is a better place when we are doing what we were sent here to do!

Sandra Polushin (secretary) Faculty, Douglas College

Shelley DeCoste lives in Kelowna B.C. and has mild CP – the piss me off type! Shelley is a self advocate, inspirational speaker and leader of the Diversability campaign. Known as the “Diversability Lady” she always focuses on abilities.

Judy Tait (treasurer) Accounting geek with social skills who has experience managing people and processes in difficult situations.

Advisors & Storytelling Coaches

Angela Clancy, Executive Director Family Support Institute 

Barb Goode, author and self advocate who is honoured to be a part of this amazing project.

Monique Nelson, community engagement with posAbilities

Dawn Robertson, Next Chapter Senior Services

Sylvie Zebroff, Provincial Family Partnership Advisor, Community Living BC

Shirley Yamashita-Paterson, Coordinator, Family Support Services at Langley Association for Community Living



What we do

We record stories, work with story coaches, storytellers and host storytelling events. Staying connected to community partners we hear inspiring stories and share them online for the world to hear. We are always looking for new partners and new stories.

What we are making

We are creating a web-channel to promote inclusion. Our goal is to showcase stories that capture the creativity in individual expression and communication styles. We are building a new kind of story library for all individuals families, agencies, government staff and community partners to share.

Sharing stories is a powerful way to explain and represent complex ideas, validate personal experience, and reflect a commitment to the capacity of all citizens.