Past events


Storytelling at the HUB

We gathered in Vancouver to share stories about friendship, intimacy, marriage, parenting, siblings and human right stories centered around love.

Inclusion BC 2016, Northern Reflections 

Shelley Nessman, Monique Nelson and Shelley DeCoste hosted a storytelling workshop in Prince George for a chance to hear stories from Northern BC.



UN International Day of Persons with Disability

On Thursday December 3rd, 2015 we joined Project EveryBODY to celebrate and enjoy free accessible entertainment with talented artists and performers.

We also hosted a special storytelling workshop where we shared stories about inclusion and accessibility.

 Interior Self Advocate Leadership Conference 

In response to the Quality of Life survey participants were given themes to share their experiences. The presentation resulted in creating 4 custom digital stories and was a result of collaborations between self advocate planning committee and CLBC offices in Vernon & Kelowna.

 Inclusion BC 2015 Conference

Keep Moving Don’t Stop

Through discussing storytelling tips we uncovered some really fun ways to make a story. Through group conversations we developed participants’ story ideas and created digital stories. Participants then worked with the In Common folks using some of our favorite apps, cards and even a few pens and paper to create custom digital stories! 


BCC Storytelling Circle
Dec 1, 2014
Building Caring Communities & hosted an intimate storytelling circle over lunch at the Hub at 251 East 11th Ave & heard stories about building belonging.

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Inclusion BC 2014 Conference
June 11-14, 2014

Tides of Change: Justice, Diversity and Inclusion for All

The Inclusion BC conference is BC’s premier conference addressing current trends and issues to advance the rights and opportunities of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Capture the Stories of Your Community Workshop 
June 12, 2014
This workshop demonstrated how anyone could capture the stories of their community! Through highlighting our storytelling Toolkit, we introduced methods to capture stories across British Columbia. We shared tips and techniques for creating your own story, or hosting a storytelling circle or event. Afterwards, participants joined us in a storytelling circle hosted by Shelley Nessman.


Storytelling Circle with David Roche
March 14, 2014
This story circle was filmed to explain what a story circle is for our tool kit. The video is being shared around BC with people who are passionate about storytelling and the community living movement.

Interconnected. Stories that weave our social fabric. Roundhouse
March 6, 2014
This live storytelling event occurred just prior to International Women’s Day. Stories were centered around this theme and the community living movement.

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3rd Annual Interior Self Advocate Leadership Conference: Empowering Our Voices

A conference put on by Regional Self Advocates in BC.  This year’s theme was about Leadership and Working Together.  There was workshops about PWD benefits, financial planning, community leadership and personal support networks.


Interconnected. Stories that weave our social fabric. Aboriginal Gathering Place
Douglas College
February 2013

Special guests shared stories demonstrating the potential of human accomplishment.

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Leading the Way Richmond Youth Self-Advocates Conference

In the fall of 2013, we attended this conference to capture stories and share information on storytelling


Story Lab @ Inclusion BC Conference – 2013

The workshop shared information about INcommon.TV. A two-part presentation that introduced the project and expanded on how people can get involved. Part one explained the inspiration and essence of INcommon.TV and part 2 was an in-depth look at sharing stories.

Interconnected. Stories that weave our social fabric.
CBC Studio 700
May 16, 2013

Kickstart and presented a live storytelling event to bring people together and share stories about the lived experience with disability.

Hosted by Carole Ducharme & Deepi Leihl, this intimate evening of storytelling featured stories from: Aaron Johannes, Paul Caune, Roshni Kashyap, Geoff McMurchy, Sally Martin, Rasika & Vidyut Aklujkar.

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