A storytelling circle creates space for people to gather and share stories with one another. Ranging in size, a storytelling circle is made of storytellers, listeners and a story facilitator. All participants share respect for each other by showing appreciation, not interrupting or disturbing the storytellers and listeners. Here we share tips and information to gather and share stories – contact us if you have any questions or need support to host your very own storytelling circle.  

What you need to host a storytelling cirlce


Storytellers are also story-listeners. 

Story Facilitator

A person who can lead a group of storytellers. Guiding participants to share and hear stories, the story facilitator sets limits, shares appreciation and creates safety. Facilitators have a deep understanding of storytelling, INCOMMON.TV and the safety guidelines.

Space to share

A quiet room is needed. The space should be accessible, welcoming and comfortable; snacks, drinks, tissue and a space to dance are always nice touches!



Is an optional addition to a storytelling circle. They are someone who captures the stories told in the circle. They are responsible to operate the video camera, microphone and upload stories to share online. The videographer also collects and distributes the media release forms.


Safety – create a safe place to share stories.

Storytelling can be inspiring, emotional and influential. Safety for storytellers and listeners must always be created. Below we have listed our thoughts & resources on how to create a safe place to share stories.

Before sharing stories

Review our tips for creating safety 

After sharing stories

Review our resources to support safety 

Media release form

If you would like to share a story with us online, please complete and return a media release form:

media release form to share your story with us online

media release form to share your story with us online