Live Storytelling

Interconnected, stories that weave our social fabric.


Through inviting all members of community to share and listen to stories you are nurturing inclusion in your community. Hold the event in an accessible space, welcome all members of community, and invite storytellers to share a story. You can also record and shared the stories online with INCOMMON.TV. Working with a team, follow our steps below and contact us if you need support in hosting your own live storytelling event.

Tips to host a live storytelling event

Your Team


Event Organizers: oversee the execution of the event. This includes finding a space to use, promoting, inviting storytellers and community members. A theme can also be selected for the event – example: why I love (my town).

Greeters: should welcome folks to the event, know the location of the bathroom, elevators and other relevant details

Videographer: should be focused on filming the event. This person is responsible for recording the stories. Be sure they are recording the highest quality video and audio so you can share the stories online with INCOMMON.TV

I.T. Guru: You will need someone to support any technical questions about the event. Projector, lights and microphone set up are just a few things you will need to insure are working before you begin your event

Host: A host is someone who introduces storytellers, opens and closes the night. They deliver important information about filming, sharing stories and creating safety.

Set up: You will also need some folks to help arrange chairs, stage and any equipment for your event. Insure your space is fully assessable

Information to Provide


Date & time

Public transit directions

Ticket information & signage: bathroom, elevators, greeters

Stories will be filmed and shared online with INcommon.TV


Audience seating for all abilities 

Will ramps or a stage be needed?

Provide public transit directions and drop off information

Invite List

Be sure to promote your event on social media, with posters and in local newspapers. Invite all members of your community: Business communities, schools, colleges and universities, non-profits, library, city council, hospitals etc.


Safety – create a safe place to share stories.

Storytelling can be inspiring, emotional and influential. Safety for storytellers and listeners must always be created. Below we have listed our thoughts & resources on how to create a safe place to share stories.

Before sharing stories

Review our tips for creating safety 

After sharing stories

Review our resources to support safety 

Audience Consent Procedures

Audience Consent Procedures 

Appearance release form

If you would like to share a story with us online, please complete and return a media release form:

media release form to share your story with us online

media release form to share your story with us online