Creating Safety

Create a safe place to share stories

Storytelling can be inspiring, emotional and influential,

safety for storytellers and listeners must always be created.

Share Your Story

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Our Thoughts on Storytelling Safety

  • Safety will look different for each storyteller.
  • Storytellers & listeners need allies.
  • When gathering stories support and respect must be given to all participants.
  • Everyone involved must be respectful and respect themselves; this means no interrupting, giving permission to leave and gratitude after stories have finished.

Your Team

These are some of the roles you might need to fill for your next storytelling event:

  • Story facilitator: is someone who leads and supports the storytelling
  • Spotters: help storytellers and facilitators feel comfortable and provide support to those that need it
  • Greeters: should welcome folks to the event, know the location of the bathroom, elevators and other details
  • Set up: Insure your story gathering space is fully accessible

Creating Limits

Time limits are needed to set parameters for storytellers – this creates equality and insures everyone can participate. Here are some ways to create limits:

  • Time: establish how long you want the stories to be
  • Tools: use color cards to notify storytellers if they are running over time
  • Ask: the host or story facilitator to notify storytellers when they go over time

Capturing the Stories

If you are capturing the video or audio of the session be sure to explain to everyone involved how it works:

  • The stories will be available online to share
  • If you don’t want to be filmed please let an event organizer know
  • Your picture may be taken and used on social media, marketing material and put online – if you don not want your picture taken please tell an event organizer

To learn more about how the stories are used online review our Privacy & Usage Policy 

Safety After Sharing A Story

Looking for community, social or government services? Dial: 211

Youth Against Violence Line: 1-800-680-4264